Nebula Foundry

Hey there, the name's Victor Rossi. No, not this guy. I'm a tech enthusiast from the Portland, Oregon area, and this is my portfolio of sorts. Enjoy!


The web has grown a lot in the last decade, and my projects have grown with it. Utilizing new technologies to create a unique and eye-catching experience, with a dab or two of retrofuturism thrown in, is an endless process of exploration and revision.


Yeah, I'm that guy; always with the backpack full of camera gear, the awkward leans to get the right angle, and the constant stopping to snap a pic (or ten) while on an outing. To me, it's worth it. I enjoy capturing my perspective on the world, and the moments that make each day unique. Prints available upon request, contact for details.


Since roughly 2010 I've been striving to create my own content management system, Nebula CMS, to build by web projects atop. It's still very much a work in progress, though it is currently being utilized for Nebula Core. It's also open source! See it on Github or Nebula Core.


What do photography, web design, and programming all have in common? Tech! I'm always getting into some sort of technology shenanigans, and I'm planning to (eventually) start documenting my projects on this site and, when appropriate, Nebula Core. From servers to automotive computing, there's always something on my work bench. Stay tuned.